We all know it takes a little more effort to understand a speaker with a heavy accent. The same applies to a text written by less experienced or non-native writers, which means more effort is required from the reader. Copy that reads well appeals to a wider audience, i.e. it results in greater engagement or higher sales. That’s the essence of copywriting.

Our starting point is a brief provided by the customer. The brief can be for marketing purposes, i.e. information on the content, objective, medium, target audience (age, gender, etc.) or consist of a set of standard questions we have developed.

After we deliver the text, the customer can implement changes or provide additional information to add to it. If required, we will rewrite or adapt the text once at no charge.

Website texts need to appeal to the reader, but Search Engine Optimization is also important, ensuring a higher listing in web searches. A text should includes information but not be boring; echo the familiar but be different, read well and be original. It takes time to find the right tone and the right words, but investing time and effort pays off in the end.

Write outside the box