Cultural and linguistic check

Are you aiming to conquer a foreign market? If so, make sure your brand name receives the attention it deserves. We live in a global era, but we’re not always aware of the linguistic connotations or cultural associations of words in other languages. The first impression you make in your potential market may determine your success. Ensure that you draw attention for the right reasons.

Many have gone to great lengths to get their branding strategy just right, but does it hold up when it goes international? Some missteps are legendary – do you want your brand to be remembered for an epic fail?

We take into account the language and culture of your target market, and even check whether a product with a similar name already exists, in one or more languages. We personally work in English, Spanish and Dutch, but other languages are available through our network. The check is always carried out jointly by two experts.

Let’s talk international branding!

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