Ellen Singer

English, Spanish and Dutch

Available for
Writing creative texts, marketing & sales copy, company websites, webshop content, cookbooks.

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Phone: +31 (0)23 555 3079

Welcome to my page, my name is Ellen Singer.

Everybody likes to conjure a rabbit out of a hat. If you’re looking for a particular kind of rabbit that can write a smoothly flowing text, you’ve come to the right place!

To write texts that work and sell, you need to know the market and the subject of the text. I write in three languages: English, Spanish and Dutch. I work together with proofreaders who review my work thoroughly. This way, I can be sure that my texts do what they’re supposed to. Knowledge of the target market is essential. Because I travel frequently and have lived in four countries, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge and my broad network of linguists means I can choose the right proofreader for each target market.

I am a curious person with a wide range of interests. I became a translator and copywriter because of my inquisitive nature and desire to take on new challenges time after time. I am known in international translation circles as The Hugging Translator, because I thoroughly embrace everything I do. Might you have a new challenge for me?