Rachel Warmerdam


Available for
Writing creative and/or marketing texts, manuals and courses; summarising or adapting existing texts.

Contact details
Telephone: +31 (0)6 365 34 309

Let me introduce myself: Rachel Warmerdam

I’m Rachel and don’t think of myself as run-of-the-mill. Language and plays on words make my day. My interests range from medieval history, steam trains and travel to interview techniques. There is nothing I appreciate as much as learning something new.

I like clear texts. I love creating texts that say exactly what a client wants, but for which the right words just weren’t there. I enjoy projects that require me to play with the language and work on linguistic puzzles. I delight in working on texts with restrictions, where it is necessary to figure out how to include everything within the required number of words.

I prefer not to write unclear, confusing texts that rattle on, with far too many uninformative sentences, with ifs, buts and lists, and which seem to have no end because people think that everything should be included in a single or maybe two sentences, even if it’s just not really practical at all, let alone readable or understandable, and only ensures that nobody reads or can understand the story, let alone the message, content or meaning of the text, like this very sentence.

Write outside the box increases my focus on writing copy and texts. All three of us have our own specialties. We complement each other. We review each other’s texts and can address our clients’ needs even better when working together.

As a team, we make sure we write compelling texts, by having them checked by a reliable colleague. Together, we can deliver a text that is just right.