Transcreation is neither translation nor copywriting, but rather a combination of both. A copywriter takes a single market into account, whereas a transcreator needs to be immersed in both the source and the target language and culture.

When the cultures are similar, the original idea can at times be mirrored in the target language, but decisions need to be taken. It is not always possible to include every element of the original message; the most relevant factors need to be weighed, and others let go.

Sometimes, you might hark back to collective cultural references but add a twist, while at other times you employ humour or purposefully lead the reader astray, then make a volte-face. There is a wide range of ways to engage an audience: it all depends on the brief, the target audience, the market, the product and more. Transcreation is a puzzle with many invisible pieces for us to find and fit together, to give them form.

Write outside the box researches and discusses your project and provides slogans with back translations, a text with a call to action, or ideas on how to adapt your campaign for the target market. Your brief is the point of departure, then the sky is the limit.

Write outside the box