Gallery – Rachel Warmerdam

Rachel is engaged in writing all kinds of catchy texts. For example, she worked with ReadySteadyVideo to write the voice-over text for a promotional video for BoughBikes,which can be viewed here.

The fact that the spell checker does not always understand what you mean is illustrated by the accompanying creative work (in Dutch)::

Ik heb een spel link kont roller
In die puh se fan mei
En die is Annet kei ken
Offer soms vouw ten sein

Kik kraak een toetsen maak een woord
En wacht op wad et zeg
Of et nauw goedt is offer keert
Hei weed in taal sein weg

As er en vergis ING is
Zegt hei et dus die rekt
Maki k gouw men fouten goedt
Soda tut wort perfect

Heb dit ter door ge gooit
Ben u bes wel blei
Nie teen vouwtje zatter in
In dit ge dicht fan mei

Sometimes writing and playing with words leads to a new creative work, such as a poem. In this case an English poem, written by Rachel.

I know not all
That much is true
But this I know
And know full well
Everyone has a story to tell
Stories of joy
Stories of sorrow
Stories beginning
Stories ending
Everyone has many stories to tell
How you tell them
It matters not
As long as they’re told
And told well